Why Bother? Personal Risk Solutions Make an Insuracne Claim

A relationship with an insurance adviser who cares and is available at claim time is invaluable.

Just talk to anyone who has gone through the drama and tension of making a medical, disability or life claim. They are either so grateful for the support of their broker..... or so angry that they had to sort out their claim issues with the insurance company on their own, when that was the last thing they wanted to be doing. 

Your insurance cover is only as good as the day you have to make an insurance claim.

The last thing you want is to find that the cover you have now, does not in fact suit your current circumstances. Hence your claim outcome may be less than satisfactory.

By consulting with me I can ensure one of two things:

1) Your current cover is in fact meeting your needs and there's no need to change anything, or

2) Your current cover is in need of an overhaul!

Either way you win!

This exercise does not cost you anything. I do not, like many of my colleagues, charge a fee for service.

This simple consultation process gives you the peace of mind that you know you have good cover that meets your current here-and-now circumstances.

Each year you will consult with me to ensure your cover continues to meet your circumstances at that particular time.