Your Free Insurance Consulation

What actually happens when we meet up to discuss your insurance needs?

You (and your partner if applicable) need to find a half hour to sit down with me and get to know me.  To find out that indeed I am who I say I am on this website. I come to your home. Any time is a good time. My assistant works out a time that is mutually suitable.

For my part... 

I’ll gather some relevant information from you about your current situation, take it away with me and do an independent assessment of what sort of cover you need for now.  Personal Risk Solutions has agencies with major insurance providers who provide the most robust policies at the most competitive premiums.  And that’s where the real value lies for you, the consumer.  I become your one-stop-shop when it comes to personal and small-business risk protection.

Free Insurance Consultation TaurangaThere are a few compelling reasons why having a free insurance consultation with me forms a vital part of providing you with a great insurance outcome.

It doesn’t cost you anything!

If we end up constructing a suitable insurance plan for you, then the particular insurance provider you work with will pay me a commission.  I do not charge you a fee for my service.

There is no better catalyst for creating a strong relationship of trust, than sitting down and having a chat. 

Years of experience tell me that getting to know a prospective client is time well spent.  The rewards for the client are that his outcomes will be more precise and dependable.  The reward for me, the adviser, is that I discover another happy client who trusts my abilities and respects my efforts on their behalf.

At claim time, I'm there to back you.

For the majority of people when the stress of a claim comes along they want the comfort of a supportive, intelligent insurance adviser who can assist their claim procedure.

My aim is to provide clients with an easy-to-understand, common sense suite of risk products that fits within their budget, by giving excellent, personalised service. 

During our initial assessment I gather information relating to your personal & financial goals; we review your current insurance cover if any.  We then arrange, if required, a second insurance consultation.  It is then that I provide written recommendations which we discuss fully and from which we might develop an updated, affordable risk protection plan that will suit your current circumstances.

Sounds simple? It is.

If you are looking for an exceptional, caring insurance broker in the Bay of Plenty region then contacting me would be a good first step.