Insurance Broker FAQ

Do you have a disclosure statement?

Yes. Click Here

How long does the insurance consultation last for?

The initial consultation takes usually around half an hour.

How do I know I'll like you?

You don't! However, you'll know within 5minutes of meeting with me at the consultation that not only will you like me, but that I could be the best insurance broker you will ever work with. (That's another reason to book a consultation with me!)

Which Insurance companies do you work with?

Asteron, Onepath, Partners, Fidelity, nib Health, ACC

Are you just going to try to sell me insurance?

No. I am an adviser. Any recommendation I provide you with will be based on information you've already given me. So it will make sense to you. In almost all cases, my clients go forward with my recommendations because they are a simple, common sense solution to their current circumstances.

Are you a Registered Financial Adviser?

Yes. My FSP Number is: FSP63201.

Do you belong to a disputes resolution group ?

Yes. The Financial Services Complaints Limited based in Wellington.

I had an insurance broker once. All he did was sell me some insurance and I've never seen him since? Will you do the same?

Not likely. Because one commitment I request of you is that if we're to work together that each year at the time of the anniversary of your cover you be prepared to meet with me to ensure your cover is as it should be. That way you'll not be orphaned!

Will it cost me for the consultation?

No. I do not charge a fee for service. (yet another reason to book a consultation with me!)

What's the process after the initial insurance consultation?

In most cases it is clear that based on the information you will have provided me that I will need to book another appointment within a few days to come back to you with some considered recommendations which will at that time be discussed between us.

How will having an insurance consultation benefit me?

The very fact of reviewing and updating your insurances is a worthy exercise. You may be over-insured or under-insured. The consultation will clarify that. In many cases the consultation results in you finding better, more robust cover at lower premiums than you're already paying. That's got to be good!