Personal Insurance Cover

I am a Registered Financial Adviser with over 12yrs insurance experience. I provide excellent care and advice in the following areas:

Life Insurance Cover

Upon death a benefit is paid which provides your family with funds that will ease the financial burden left by your passing, so your financial future is more protected.

Trauma Insurance Cover

This lump sum payment will be paid in the event of a serious illness or accident and will give you the financial resources to control your own destiny, seek alternative treatment or get the help you need or replace a lost income.

Complete Disablement Insurance Cover

This is a lump sum benefit paid out in the event you become completely and permanently disabled. You may well use this payment to pay off debt, replace a lost income or pay for medical and rehabilitation costs.

Income Protection Insurance Cover

This is a monthly payment if you are unable to work due to an unexpected disability. This monthly payment allows you to maintain your lifestyle and continue to make plans for your future despite being off work and not earning a regular income.

Mortgage Repayment Insurance Cover

This benefit is a monthly payment to cover the cost of your mortgage if you are unable to work due to accident or illness. It provides you with the peace of mind knowing that your home is secure even though you are unable to work and generate an income.

Premium Insurance

This benefit covers the cost of your regular insurance premiums if you are unable to work due to disability.  The insurance company keeps your various policies ‘alive’ while you are off work without you having to pay your premiums.