Business Insurance Cover

We know that about 90% of businesses in NZ have between one and 8 employees. The smaller the business the greater is the reliance on 1 or 2 key employees. I have successfully worked with these sorts of Tauranga small business owners  who rely so much on the resources and skills of one or two key people in their businesses.

Business cover provides a range of benefits that will provide a business with a necessary cash injection should you or a key person in your business pass away unexpectedly or suffer an illness or injury and be unable to contribute to the business in any significant way.

Business Life Insurance Cover

Enables full payment of the benefit if the insured person dies or becomes terminally ill. This allows the business to pay off debt and transfer shares.

Business Overheads Insurance Cover:

This benefit will reimburse your business on a monthly basis for its current fixed overheads, or pay for the cost of employing a locum.

Key Person Insurance Cover:

This is a monthly agreed benefit paid out if the nominated key person in your business is unable to work. This cover is ideal for small operations with 3 or less years of trading history who may find it difficult to demonstrate reasonable levels of profitability during the initial start-up phase.

Complete Disablement Insurance Cover

This is a lump sum payment in the event the insured person becomes completely and permanently disabled.

Trauma Cover

A lump sum benefit paid if the insured person suffers a critical medical condition or trauma. It provides your business with a cash injection when it's needed most.