Meet Phil Lanigan & Dan Deveraux, North Shore Insurance Broker

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It's important you get to know your Tauranga insurance adviser. Before we get together, why not find out a bit more about who you'll be meeting on the day.

Meet Dan Devereaux sd_icon1.png

Before becoming an associate Insurance Adviser, Dan played halfback for the Bay of Plenty Steamers (so he knows the importance of protecting yourself!) 

Why Get Together? sd_icon3.png

I understand that meeing an insurance broker isn't the most exciting way to spend half-an-hour. So why is meeting up with me vital for you and your family?

Nobody Actually Wants Insurance...

Except on the day they have to make a claim! Think about that for a moment...

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Acquiring any kind of insurance is just a 'necessary evil' in some ways. And people begrudge paying for it, very often. Folks in the Auckland/Bay of Plenty region can gather personal or business insurance as they move through life. A common way is when they approach a bank to get a mortgage they come away with some insurance cover and may be none the wiser as to whether it is good for them or otherwise.This is precisely where I step in and can make a difference.

What I Do

When asked: "What do you do for a living?" my response is this: I help people navigate two of life's major hazards:

(i) Dying too soon, and

(ii) Living too long

Sound a bit too trite. Maybe, but that's how it is. Life surely is unpredictable. Having the right insurance cover is all about managing risk so that if the worst were to happen you or your surviving family could carry on with enough financial means to keep your lifestyle intact. It's no good having insurance cover that is outdated and won't serve you well at claim time. You need to keep current! For that to happen you would do well to have the continual support of adviser who will be there when or if you have to make a claim. Remember... insurance is only any good if it does what you think it should at the time you make a claim.

How I can help you

I would guess if you're looking at the Personal Risk Solutions website right now you fall into one of the following categories:

You either have some insurance cover which you've picked up over the years and you're wondering: "Are my policies up-to-date? If the unexpected were to happen, would I really be covered?" Good questions. Perhaps your circumstances have indeed changed from the time you took those policies out.

You just want someone professional to advise you whether or not you're getting the best 'bang for the buck' you're putting out each month in premiums.

You somehow feel you're paying too much ... and those premiums seem to be going up all the time! You need to revisit what covers you have in place.

Whichever camp you fall into, I can help. Personal Risk Solutions has become an accomplished insurance broker in Auckland and the Tauranga / Bay of Plenty region and provides excellent outcomes for its clients.

For a personal chat, give me a call on 07 574 4972 or pop your details in the form opposite. I look forward to speaking with you.